Manchester County Court

The County Court  (28 September 2015) in Manchester has ruled that you cannot use the guarantee afforded to you under Article 12 of the Directive 95/46EC in an English Court.



High Court and County Court


The Ministry of Justice has come up with a new wheeze for making money. Pay £480 for a hearing in the High Court and get a district judge instead of a circuit judge. District judges have limited jurisdiction. The fee to issue a claim in the county court is £175.


If your case was suitable for the county court, you would have issued your claim there wouldn’t you? If your claim can’t be heard in the High Court because of the problems of jurisdiction, there will have to be another hearing (for which you may have to pay another fee if the other side has applied for something) and you have incurred all the hassle of perhaps taking time off work, travelling and parking etc. If you have employed a lawyer, the costs could be significant. Of course, the courts will be saving money so they don’t care if it costs you an arm and a leg extra.


If you win your case, the other side will have to pay your costs (probably) but the result might be, “costs in the case” which means each side pays its own costs. We suggest you would have a legitimate claim against the the Courts and Tribunal Service for deception or maybe unfair trading practices. If we hear of anyone trying this, we’ll let you know.


It’s yet another scam by the legal profession.