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What can I do if the organisation does not comply with my subject access request? 

If you have sent all the necessary information (including any fee) and:

  • the organisation does not respond to your request within 40 days; or
  • you are not satisfied with their response;

you should send them a reminder letter by recorded delivery (and keep a copy of the letter). If you do not get a reply fairly quickly, or you think the information you receive is wrong or incomplete, you can:

  • ask us to carry out an assessment to see whether it is likely or unlikely that the organisation has responded properly; or
  • take legal action through the court. For information on how to do this, please see the OIC Website.

Our assessment will tell you if it is likely that the organisation has broken the Act and may help you decide whether to take legal action. However, you can take a case to court without asking us for an assessment.