Help from the Information Commissioner

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How will the IC deal with my complaint?

The IC will examine your complaint to decide how they should handle it. When they first write back to you, they will give you a reference number that you should use whenever you contact them about the problem. If they need more information from you, they will write and let you know.

If they decide to look into your complaint, they will usually contact the organisation concerned. This may lead to an outcome they regard as satisfactory, and if so, they will let you know what has happened. The IC aims to deal with all complaints within a reasonable time, although sometimes it can be a long and complex process. They will let you know if there is going to be a long delay.

If they do not consider that they can take your complaint further, they will let you know. Details about their response times are available from their helpline on 08456 306060 or 01625 545745.