This is yet more proof that the ICO has too cosy a relationship with data controllers. Note how the equivalents in other countries take their jobs seriously. Our ICO prefers to have an easy life. After all, if you come down hard on a big organisation like Google, they are never going to give you a juicy job in a couple of year’s time. And, of course, it’s much easier to have a nice jolly on the train from Wilmslow to London, have a nice lunch at some fancy restaurant in Soho, have a leisurely chat with Google, look at a few bits of paper you don’t understand and travel back to Wilmslow and report what good chaps they are at Google – definitely a company to work for when you leave the ICO.

It appears that the ICO is really just a training camp for big companies. Any problems can then be solved by having a quiet word with your old mates back in Wilmslow or even take them to one of the fancy restaurants in Wilmslow or nearby Alderley Edge. Problem solved! For full article see Archive under general/RIPA.