Google Evades English Law

A group of Apple device users are in the process of suing Google in England for disabling the safeguards on the Safari software enabling Google to track users’ behaviour on line. Google are claiming that they are not subject to English Law because they are based in California and the Republic of Ireland. If the corporate entity is not in England, they do have a good point. Look at it the other way round. If you sold some widgets by mail order to Botswana and some users didn’t like them for some reason, you wouldn’t be happy if you were sued in a Botswana court. How could a Botswana court impose any sanction on you? They couldn’t because they don’t have any power in England and you are based in England (if you are, of course!).

Google may generate lots of revenue in England but it is a company based overseas and that is where it must be sued.

Of course if you don’t own one of Apple’s devices and don’t use Safari, then Google can’t track you – well not using that method anyway.